Discovering Miracle Food Along the Shores


Little do we know that green lipped mussel is more than just being food but it gives benefit more than just being a food on our plate. In many countries, they serve these kind of mussels in many different ways. They serve it in different kinds of delicacies. May it be soup or sautéed, many people like the taste of shellfish like this.


However, we have to look at the other side of the story. Among the medicines that were taken from sea life, green lipped mussels were among them. This can be pretty surprising because we might not expect that this could come from something that we only thought belongs in a Paella sizzling plate. They are more than just delicious but they can also be nutritious and can help us achieve a body that is healthier and stronger.


Many of these shellfish can be found along the sea shores of the country of New Zealand. Researchers had long been interested about the health benefits that these shellfish can bring into the community. We have to be thankful that we have these kind of people who had went to greater lengths to discover what these shellfish can give us.